Aphrodite Kallipygos Greek Statue

Delightful reproduction of a Hellenistic era statue Aphrodite Kallipygos (or Venus Kallipygos).  More commonly known as "Aphrodite of the Beautiful Buttocks", the statue is said to be an illustration of a story from classical antiquity regarding two sisters from Syracuse who gained fame and fortune because of their beautiful buttocks. 

The statue is an example of anasyrma, a classical pose in which a partially draped woman is depicted raising her peplos, looking back and down over her shoulder, appearing to observe her own buttocks.

Numerous copies were made of the goddess, two of which were presented to Versailles in 1683-86.  One is currently on display in the Louvre and another is found in the park of Versailles.  This replica of "Aphrodite Kallipygos" is from the best known example of the goddess, a small Roman marble copy that was displayed at the Palazzo Farnese, becoming part of the French collection when the palace was inherited by the Bourbon kings of Naples.  While on display in Naples in 1802, it was considered dangerously erotic, mostly because the figure was partially clad and not entirely nude.

C├ęsar Famin, the 19th Century French antiquarian noted in 1836:  "...placed in a reserved hall, where the curious are only introduced under the surveillance of a guardian, though even this precaution has not prevented the rounded forms which won for the goddess the name of Callipyge, from being covered with a dark tint, which betrays the profane kisses that fanatic admirers have every day impressed there. We ourselves knew a young German tourist smitten with a mad passion for this voluptuous marble; and the commiseration his state of mind inspired set aside all idea of ridicule."

This classical replica is made of bonded marble, delightful to touch.  An ideal gift for anyone who is interested in antiquity or classical beauty.

Dimensions:  15.5"H x 5"L x 4"W
Shipping Weight:  9 lbs.

PRICE:  $79.00


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