Demi Dome - Architectural Model

Replica inspired by the recently discovered and restored architectural models currently on display in the Vatican.  Several models, long forgotten in an attic, were once commissioned by Michelangelo when working on the dome of St. Peters.  Leonardo Da Vinci also had scale models designed for royal and papal patrons.  This example of a "cut-away" dome allows close inspection of the interior design.  Features beautifully distressed French finishes and intricate details. Place the Demi-Dome on a table for certain attention, or tuck it in quietly on a shelf and let your guests make a delightful discovery.  Ideal gift for an architecture or history enthusiast.  Made of cherry and birch wood. 

Dimensions:  18" x 9.75" x 16"
Shipping Weight:  20 lbs.


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  Demi Dome