Marconi Spotlight II


A signal light that dates to the 1930's.  This example replicates the sort of signal light used by sailors on the wheelhouse bridge of a French Navy Battleship to send Morse Code messages that could be read at great distances.  The slatted louvers open and shut to send the short and long signal rays of Morse Code.  Placed in an interior space, the shuttered light can be regulated and focused to create ambient light or spotlight for dramatic effects.  Built to last a lifetime.  Cast aluminum bracket with brass hardware.  Polished aluminum tripod pipes.  Ideal for a history enthusiast or anyone who appreciates a "form follows function" philosophy.  Looks great in modern offices or living rooms.  Uses 100-watt bulb.  UL/CE approved.

Dimensions:  88.5" x 49.5" tripod base width
Shipping Weight:  62 lbs.

PRICE:  $2,152

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Marconi Spotlight II