Stateroom Trunk Table - Ivory

Remembering a time when restless souls with matching bank accounts could indulge their unquenchable thirst for adventure as well as their unquenchable thirst for refreshment, on the Orient Express, with 3 times a week service from Paris  through Strasbourg - Munich - Vienna - Budapest, with through sleeping-cars all the way to Istanbul.

This trunk is the sort that would have been carried by porters on to the platform of the Gare de l'Est in Paris, bound for sophisticated adventure.  Designed to be strapped on to the tail rack of a Rolls (or Bentley) in the 1930's, the trunk held a setting for 12, complete with champagne flutes and dispensers for foie gras and caviar.  Clever hole-and-peg system on hand-turned legs allows the height to be adjusted so that the trunk serves as a substantial table.

Rich ivory finish with steamed cherry wood bent slats.  Brass hardware, locks and keys.  Inside features a warm honey finish.

Height: 22.75"
Width:  32.25"
Depth:  18.25"
Shipping Weight:  34 lbs.

PRICE:  $714.00

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