Man of Eight Bookcase

This handsome bookcase is an exact replica of the prow of a 19th Century man-of-eight, just like those of racing teams from Oxford, Cambridge, Yale and Harvard.  The sleek man-of-eights were so beloved by the athletes who manned them, when a craft was retired, it was cut into sections and transformed into bookcases.  These beautiful bookcases are to be found in fraternities and halls around the world, often accompanied by hanging oars that are signed and painted with team crests and dates of memorable racing events.  Standing over seven feet tall, hand-built wood planks on frame with distressed French finish, this bookcase tucks well into narrow spaces and provides generous space for books and objects of interest.  Recalls a charming tradition of a racing sport that was accessible to the privileged few.

Height: 85.25"
Width:  18.25"
Depth:  10"
Shipping Weight:  39 lbs.

PRICE:  $829.00

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   Man of Eight Bookcase

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