"Six in Box" - Wine Storage - Campaign Style

Six bottles ride comfortably in this sectioned box with brass campaign corners and handles.  Cherry wood with distressed French finish in warm honey tones.  Built to withstand the rigors of travel by land or sea, a gentleman officer must have a wine selection on hand, even while on campaign.  Order below.


Height: 9"
Width:  13.5"
Depth:  8.75"
Shipping Weight:  8 lbs.

PRICE:  $145.00

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High-ranking British officers enjoyed a lifestyle "under canvas" that allowed the transportation of luxuriously appointed furnishings, designed to travel well and serve their owners in the style to which they were accustomed.  Despite their substantial and stylish appearance, the pieces were cleverly designed to quickly break down and re-assemble without the use of nails or tools, in time for afternoon tea or an evening "encamp".  The solid functionality of these clever pieces lends itself well to modern interiors.  Classic proportions and elegant, distressed finishes add a lived-in, comfortable statement of character that will express the owner's reference to history and confidence in good style.

"Six in Box" - Wine Storage - Campaign Style