Grand Staircase

Inspired by the recently discovered and restored architectural models currently on display in the Vatican.  The models, long forgotten in an attic, were once commissioned by Michelangelo while he was working on the dome of St. Peters.  The collection of replicas we offer reflects an appreciation for the 3D models made throughout the Renaissance and in centuries following.  Each model features beautifully distressed French finishes and intricate details.

This endlessly fascinating staircase stands just over 19" high, and can be tucked in among books and other treasures, creating a surprising and delightful effect.  Made of cherry and birch wood with distressed French finish.  Ideal gift for a history enthusiast or anyone who would appreciate its grace and beauty.

Dimensions:  12.25" x 19.25"
Shipping Weight:  8 lbs.

PRICE:  $2

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Grand Staircase