Boeing 315 Dixie Clipper


The original Dixie Clipper was built for PanAm airlines by the Boeing company in 1939.  The luxurious accommodations on board came complete with sleeping berths and dining salon.  The largest plane of its time, it was designed to carry 74 passengers.  The replica recalls an era of elegance in flight that was never seen again after WWII, when these big flying boats were replaced by land based planes.  Incredibly detailed, with metallic fabric covering the lightweight wing and fuselage frames, detailed engines, transparent portholes and vintage PanAm colors complete the effect.   An ideal gift for a vintage flight enthusiast.

Dimensions:  22.75" x 31.5" x 5.5"
Shipping Weight:  19 lbs. (oversize)

PRICE:  $456.00

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