Double Balloon Baskets - Set of 2

We imagine these baskets to be very like the one used by Jacques Alexandre César Charles, a member of the French Academy of Science.  Charles built La Charlière, a balloon that was a modification of his previous designs and much like a modern balloon.  La Charlière lifted off from the Tuileries gardens in Paris on December 1, 1783.  The basket was hung from a net that covered the entire balloon, thus distributing the weight evenly.  La Charlière traversed 27 miles, with a safe landing at Nesle.  Charles and his assistant aboard the new balloon carried a barometer and a thermometer with them, making it the first scientific balloon flight. 

This set of storage baskets replicate authentic balloon baskets from the earliest days of balloon flight.  Capture the romance of balloon travel with these endlessly useful bins.  Baskets ship nested in one box. 

Dimensions:  18.5" x 26.75" x 28.25"
Shipping Weight:  18 lbs.

PRICE: $450.00

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