Gee Bee Squadron Mobile

Innovative technology and advanced aeronautical engineering were behind these little planes from the 1930's that were flown without wing flaps.  Built by the Granville Brothers Aircraft Company established in Springfield, Massachusetts in 1929; it was the Gee Bee R-1 that won the 1932 Thompson Trophy race, with James Doolittle flying the plane fitted with an 800hp Pratt & Whitney Wasp Senior engine at a speed of over 252 mph.  This colorful mobile features a squadron of Gee Bees, bringing a nostalgic reminder of 1930's flight to any setting.  An ideal gift for a flight enthusiast or anyone who enjoys their color and character. 

Dimensions:  22.25" x 7" x 24.5"
Shipping Weight:  4 lbs.

PRICE:  $73.50


Gee Bee Squadron Mobile

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